300 Stable Dr, Fort Wayne IN (260) 483 7424 Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm with pickup and drop off hours

Air Conditioning

If you need a simple AC recharge or have a heating or AC system problem we can diagnose and repair it.

Brake Inspection
We have the answer for a squeak free brake system. Cleaning, proper lubrication for each area with OE or better brake friction material.

Lube, Oil and Filter

We replace engine oil, oil filter, lube all grease fittings, check tire pressure, and tire condition, check for safety issues and check vehicle lighting. "Your best preventative maintenance value"


Cooling Systems

We have paid our dues, years of research proves that cooling systems should be maintained and perfectly at the required PH level and we stock over 30 brands



We are the leaders in reprogramming. We program all General Motors. Ford, Jaguar, Jeep, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, Volvo, Volkswagen and Scion's


Computer Flashing

This will update your vehicles computer just like your home PC. We can check your software for updates and install as needed.



We have the factory equipment for General Motors,  Ford, Jaguar, Jeep, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, Volvo, Volkswagen and Scion to mention a few. We can diagnose, record, play back and test all systems. For all other vehicles we have aftermarket scan tool s that graph and record also



Not only can we find tire problems, our prices are very competitive.


Fleet Service

I have been involved with fleet servicing since 1982 when I managed a fleet of 139 vehicles at the age of twenty two. Same day  service made quick and easy.



With our four head alignment system and understanding of how suspensions work, we can stop the wear and fix steering problems.


Engine Repair

From a simple timing belt to a major engine overhaul we have the top mechanical technicians in town





Our Staff is consitantly educating themselves with new technology and going to conferences
 Vehicle today are smart enough to recognize how you drive them and treat them. They can provide valuable informtion to the right person with the right tools. With our state of the art technology we have on site we are able to "COMMUNICATE" with your vehical, and provide you with dealer level diagnositics. Before any work is done on your vehical we will call you so you know the cost.

Our "Smoke Machine" alllows us to perform a full autopsy for any leaks that your vehicle may have.

Our "Snake Camera"
allows us to get into crevasses that are hard to reach and see with out such tools.